Watch streaming movies (both current & previous released), live sports & TV shows on your home TV. With a custom supported Android TV box in full 1080P, you combine TV, Internet & Android apps with full hardware decoding for KODI (formerly XBMC) streaming device.

Buy TVStreamBox for a ONE-TIME fee of $349.98! NO MONTHLY FEES!

Streaming media is the ability to view content that already exists on the Internet.

Many people get confused between downloading, which is illegal depending on licensing, uploading copyright material, which is illegal without licensing, and copying or selling material which is illegal. However, streaming and watching without downloading is legal. TVStreamBox does not download, upload, copy, or store any Media. In fact it has no connection or association with the websites that host or store any media content. TVStreamBox simply provides the navigation to connect with the websites and temporarily streams the data. The Data, Movie, or TV shows, passes through your Internet cables, through TVStreamBox to your TV is watched by you but it is never stored, copied, or retained.

To order: email, or call 732-846-4600.